Tor Løvskogen Bollingmo
Product Strategy & Design


› Scottish Government

— Led product owners from Scottish Police, Prosecution, Courts and Defence.
— Initiated and ran a 12 EU nations justice product research group.
— Designed prototype to communicate product vision for stakeholders.

Leading criminal justice product strategy and design for Europe’s first four–agency digital evidence sharing platform.
A service for sharing digital evidence between Police Scotland, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, Defence Agents and Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service. As the product manager I help shape the product vision and procurement, leading a team of product owners from all 4 organisations.



› Datapine

— Introduced JIT Kanban and led 8 person agile team.
— Shaped atomic design system while coaching junior designer.
— Led initial product metrics effort, tracking uptake and usage.

Streamlining startup with kanban, design systems and research.
In charge of product, design and development. Leading a full-stack team shaping and shipping a business intelligence product. Working together with founders to research and sketch product features. Led customer research helping us understand how to productize machine learning and artificial intelligence.



› EyeQuant

— Full product and marketing redesign, increasing sign-ups 4x.
— Shaped, prototyped and user tested core features together with founders.
— Led design research for new platforms, designing concepts and prototypes.

Product modernisation, customer jobs-to-be-done, exit.
In charge of product and marketing design after seed round, working together with founders to design and build new features based on customer research and prototypes, leading up to a successful exit in 2018.



› Keyteq Labs

— Led product design for a 5 product portfolio.
— Ran monthly product updates and demos to stakeholder board.
— In charge of design research on new platforms and devices.

Product design for multiple platforms.
Led product design and research for a 5 product portfolio, ranging from consumer to enterprise level solutions. Helped setup an innovation lab and initiate new products.

› Open Source


— EFF; Service Designer for The Open Wireless Movement.
— NASA; Editor on The Beautiful Mars Project.
— GNOME; UX Designer on Shotwell and system share settings.

Currently looking for open source projects, contact me at @lovskogen

› Hacks

Pengo – a smart service using digital receipts to suggest where you should shop groceries. Our team of 6 designed and built a mobile app in 48 hours that would ingest your digital grocery receipts and contrast your items with available prices of all major stores. I did the prototype and user experience for the mobile app. Our app won Startup Weekend in Bergen, Norway.

Rutetid – a service for finding optimal local bus travel routes. Our team of 3 used open APIs and web scraping to create a mobile app with (the then new) geolocation. I led the concept and user experience design. Our solution got a cash offer from a national newspaper.

Tilbakekalling – a notification service for food recalls. Our team of 3 created a beta web service where you could get notified of any nation wide food recalls. I did the visual design and front-end development.